- ICE Cream -

The Konditorei W is the first ice cream confectionery in Berlin, something that has not existed in this form before. We not only bake delicious cakes, but also make refreshingly delicious ice cream from the best ingredients, which we then use to create delicious treats. So your cake, your macaron or your eclair will be filled with our ice cream. The assortment is wide and offers traditional chocolate ice cream as well as fancy ice cream with popcorn flavour. All this is also available vegan and gluten-free. At Konditorei W in Berlin your wishes will be realized professionally and you will get a unique result.

Confectionery meets ice cream manufactory

In our Berlin bakery not only gorgeous wedding cakes and pastries are produced. We have a large selection of delicious ice cream, which is prepared in our ice cream manufactory in Berlin Kreuzberg. Whether milk ice cream, fruit ice cream or vegan ice cream, you will find many classic but also special types of ice cream, which are especially adapted to the demand of our customers. Our ice cream has that certain something that gives the taste an individual and exciting touch. Our customers have complete trust in our craft and love our unique assortment, which we offer with a lot of love.

Natural Ice Cream

Our delicious ice cream is free of artificial colors, additives and preservatives. We only use high quality products for the production of our ice cream. We put great importance on the freshness of our products, which is why we do not use industrially produced ready-mixes at all. We not only love to bake, but also take the time to develop our innovative ice cream recipes. When selecting fruit for our fruit ice cream, we always rely on the best products, behind which we stand 100%. In addition, we also produce vegan and gluten-free ice cream for you.

Sweet and fine ice cream assortment

We adapt our wonderful ice cream assortment to the demand of our customers. We attach great importance to continuous development and for this reason we regularly experiment with different ingredients in our ice cream manufactory to delight the taste buds of our customers. Our assortment includes: Vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, buttermilk lime, quark, yoghurt, stracciatella, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, mango (all kinds of fruit), Baumkuchen with chocolate or vanilla, gin-tonic, Black Forest Cake, chocolate-plume-rum, rice pudding, semolina, couscous, popcorn, peanut, pistachio, almond, chocolate-peanut-salted caramel.

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