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We, Martin Richard Wittwer and Cosima Undine Winkelmann, got to know and appreciate each other at the end of 2014 when we started the master class of the Konditoren-Innung (confectioners’ guild) in Berlin.

Martin is a passionate confectioner working in the industry. Two years later he became a master confectioner in leading positions in Berlin. He was able to refine his knowledge and skills at many different confectioneries, including the German Bundestag. His professional skills lie in the creation of the products, communication with suppliers and consulting with customers.

Cosima is also a master confectioner, ice cream maker and business administrator in the trade. She has been in the industry for several years and specialized in ice cream production during her career. She learned how to create ice cream at Rosa Canina in Berlin. In the fall of 2016, she began her studies at a Berlin university in the field of entrepreneurship.

Our shared love for baking
Due to the fact that Martin has produced extraordinary creations in the practical area and Cosima has knowledge on the business level, a cooperation came about in which we could complement each other, exchange our professional skills and develop a common style. Social skills emerged during this time and were put to the test. We count among them: The ability to work in a team, mutual motivation and understanding, and the willingness to deal with criticism and conflict.

Our core competencies lie in handicraft manufacturing, business management skills and a love for the craft. Due to the good cooperation, complementary qualifications and matching core skills, we decided to start our own business together and founded Konditorei W.

We started to present and sell our individual cakes at weekly markets in Berlin. It is especially important to us that traditions in the confectionery craft are preserved. We have applied this to the assortment of our cakes. We want our customers to associate something with our products (for example the Black Forest Cake that the customer used to eat at grandma’s) but to experience the taste and design as something special and new. Innovation and tradition meet in our products and their design. We want to convey the passion for making the products, that is, the craft and the handling of high-quality food.

Konditorei W today
In our bakery and ice cream factory in Berlin Kreuzberg we create delicious cakes, wedding cakes, sweet cake pops, elegant naked cakes and much more every day. Our goal is to delight each of our customers with our creatively designed, yet classy and super delicious products. For this reason, we continue our education on a regular basis, attending innovative trade shows and seminars. We take the time for each customer to advise them thoroughly regarding our services.

In a personal conversation we can discuss your ideas regarding the flavor, filling, shape, design as well as decoration of your perfect cake. Whether a multilevel or a singlelevel cake, we are open to everything and are happy about every order that we handle competently.

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